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Doomsday Prepping List

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When disaster strikes and you are living through a doomsday event you want to be as prepared as possible to ensure your survival.

Preppers are organized by nature; you have to be ready for anything.

Having a Doomsday prepping list will ensure that you do not leave anything behind and that you can continue to navigate the new normal with all the essentials.

What Would You Really Need On A Doomsday Prepping List

It is important to remember that you are not going to be taking all your luxuries with you into the apocalypse.

You need to make sure you cover all the basics that will allow you to keep going and keep you self sufficient for as long as possible.

The Non Negotiables For Your Doomsday Prep List

Non Negotiables

Food Sources

Making sure you have a wide range of food items that can last for a long time in terms of expiration dates will make sure you and your family remain well nourished through doomsday.

Ensure that you have a list of a variety of food items from as many food groups as possible all preserved in a range of methods to make sure you can maintain healthy eating as much as possible.

It will also be useful to have a list of ways to become self sufficient food wise like having seeds available to start a garden if yours did not survive.

Safe Water Supply

After doomsday water sources may be few and far between. It is important to have a sufficient amount of water stored or ensure your bug out location has a natural water source that you can use.

Even if you have water it is essential to be able to purify it and make it safe for use and consumption.

Include on your list water purification systems and water storage to ensure you can stay hydrated and maintain basic hygiene.

Shelter Options

There are many shelter options for doomsday that range from temporary to permanent. You may have a bug out location that you can ensure is well supplied and prepped ahead of time.

However when doomsday strikes you may not be able to reach your bug out location so it is important to have a temporary shelter option too making sure you are protected from the elements.

Heating Choices

Doomsday can hit at any time and depending on your location or the season you will need good heat sources to survive sometimes freezing temperatures.

Add to your list, warm, waterproof and if necessary thermal clothing essentials.

Blankets are a must have as well to maximize the use of your body heat. Fire and the ability to make and maintain it is also very important.

Having fire making equipment needs to be on your list. Fire is multipurpose both for warmth and cooking it is a survivalist must.

Medical Essentials

It is doomsday and the chances of someone getting sick or injured are fairly high. Make sure to include all basic first aid items on your doomsday prepping list to make sure you can handle medical emergencies comfortably.

Extra prescription medication is an essential list item that could be needed for survival for many people. Having some basic medications that can help for general ailments will be a big help.

Having some good herbs on hand and knowing how to use them effectively will be a great medicinal supplement for doomsday prep.

Nice To Have Doomsday Prepping List Items

Lighting Options

Being able to have a light source during the evenings is something you would much prefer to have.

To be able to see what you are doing and also from a protection point of view to be able to see your surroundings.

Ensure your doomsday prep list includes good sustainable light sources from torches to candles.

Battery Selection

Power sources are necessary for a large portion of our technology to operate. Having a variety of power sources on your doomsday prepping list will make sure you can still maintain some level of comfort.

From general batteries that can be used to charge devices to solar battery options that you can recharge even without electricity.

Cooking Implements

Having cooking sources besides fire would be useful if you had them on your doomsday prep list. A gas cooking source will be good to have to give you quick access to heat for cooking or boiling water.

Including other cooking implements like pots, pans, eating and cooking utensils on your doomsday list will make life much easier.

Essential Books And Guides

These days we google everything we don’t know but doomsday could mean that the internet is not available and you will still need to have an information source to educate you on how to do things.

Keep a variety of books and guides on your doomsday prep list that could be useful when disaster strikes to help you navigate daily life without your current comforts.

Having some books for entertainment could be a nice addition if you have space available.

Useful Items On Your Doomsday Prepping List

Tools and weapons

Helpful Tools

Having a basic portable tool kit can ensure you can repair essential items and erect temporary structures.

Keep tools on your doomsday prep list that will help you manage daily maintenance of your bug out location and keep things in working order.

Survival Weapons

Doomsday can often mean lawlessness and violence and having items on your list for self defense and protection both from other people and wild animals.

Some basic weapons that you feel comfortable using will be a great addition to your doomsday preppers list.


Everyone’s doomsday prepping list may look a little different based on your needs and what you feel you cannot do without.

We have covered all the items that any prepper would need in the event of disaster to help make sure you do not leave any of the most essential items off your list.

Organization is key for prepping and having helpful lists for doomsday prep will keep you on track for survivalist success.