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Failing as a Prepper

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If you are thinking about starting to prep or even if you are years into this thing, failures abound. One of the biggest prepper failures is the garden.

We are always struggling with the garden. It can actually get pretty funny because so much if it is out of our control.

One year you have a  bang-up crop and you feel like you really know what you are doing. The next year your whole garden gets hit with blight and you are back to square one.

This is just one example of reasons why preppers fail. Here are some tips to avoid these costly failures and to live with them as well.


The more planning you do up front the less likely you are to fail. Preppers fail for a number of reasons. But mitigating failure can be accomplished by better planning. You will find less bumps and pitfalls if you spend your time planning what from start to finish.


Just because one prepper website says to bury a shipping container, doesn’t mean its the best idea. In fact, they have been proven to be terrible long term shelters. Do your research all over the internet and consult experts. As a prepper, you are not limited to the prepper community for information

The Journey

You will fail and you will fail again. You will wakeup to find your chicken coop raided. Or you will lose food from forgetting to rotate your storage, its all part of the journey.

What’s most important is that you adapt and press on. Don’t give up. Consequently, you can never reach your full potential if you are afraid of failure and quit at the first sign of it.

Stand strong in the face of others doubts. You have to be prepared to face them and be the best you can.