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Free Campgrounds by State (and Zip Code!)

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Who doesn’t like camping? And who doesn’t love finding free campgrounds!? Well, I’m one happy camper (sorry!) after finding this awesome tool. Not only that, but we can also potentially use these free campgrounds as bug-out locations.

Free Campgrounds

I think everyone I know likes to camp at least once a year. I actually grab my gear and go camping more like 3 or 4 times a year.

The cost can add, so use this free tool to find free campsites near you. This is a large database that shows you free campsites you can search by state or zip code.

This is a little gold mine of a website because camping can set you back about 30 bucks depending on how many tents and people. So imagine getting away more often at some of these free campsites.

Alternate Bug Out Location

If you haven’t hammered down a particular bug out location than this could be music to your ears. Maybe you are looking for a cheap alternate location or temporary meeting place.

Either way, the question to ask is whether or not we should bugout to campgrounds or not.

Keep in mind, in a post-SHTF world, many people may be converging on well-known campgrounds. You may not want to be there for that. Search for remote locations that can provide the temporary shelter or other needs you require.

Check if the Campground is Occupied

In a serious disaster, you might arrive at the campsite and find that it is closed and no one is onsite. That might be better. If you show up and people are there, who manages the site, that could get a little dodgy. This is especially true if you are at a campground that requires reservations. 

There is no turning around and going back at this point. Bring some cash and see if they can find you a “side lot” or somewhere else to camp.

Can You Get There?

Many people camp far away. Hours by car. Do you have a way of getting to your golden campsite in the event of a disaster? What if that disaster impedes your modes of transportation?

This could all spell disaster. Be sure you at least consider this. 

Wildlife Management Areas

Outside of campgrounds there are also protected areas of public land than can also be very cool places to bug out. These are much less popular than campgrounds and oftentimes offer more resources. Visit your local game and fish website to see if you have public land near you. 

These thousands of acres might just be the spot you are looking for to get away from calamity.

Free Campgrounds By State (and Zip Code!)