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Best Generator for Emergency Preparedness: Comparisons Guide

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When disasters strike, often one of the first services to be disrupted is electricity. We rely on electricity so much in our day-to-day lives these days that not having electricity for even a short period of time will be challenging for most households.

Having a good generator will definitely aid in being prepared for an emergency. A generator will allow you to run certain essential electrical items until the normal power supply is restored.

There are a number of considerations that need to be taken into account when you are purchasing a generator. One of the biggest factors in considering what you would like the generator to run is in terms of your electrical appliances.

You need to calculate the total load you would need the generator to handle in order to get the generator with the correct capacity. It is important to remember that certain electrical items will draw too much power for most household generators to handle.

Many electrical appliances are used for heating, like a stove or microwave, and these items generally draw too much power for an average generator to handle.

For these types of heating appliances, it could be useful to get an emergency gas stove instead. Have a look at our article, 5 ways to heat your home for free to get some more heating ideas.

Another important consideration when selecting a generator for emergency preparedness is the type of generator and how it is powered. Some generators use gas to generate power. Some use an inverter and batteries to generate power. Some are solar-powered.

It is important to consider how the power is generated to know if you will be able to maintain the generator and for how long it can be used before needing to be replenished in the form of more gas, etc.

With these and other considerations in mind, it can be overwhelming to choose the best generator for emergency preparedness but we have a great list to help you make the best decision for your needs.

Our Best Generators for Emergency Preparedness: Reviews and Comparisons

1. ECO-WORTHY 84Wh Portable Power Station

ECO-WORTHY 84Wh Portable Power Station, Solar Generator with 18W Solar Panel, Flashlights, Camp Lamps with Battery, USB DC Outlets, for Outdoor Camping, Home Emergency Power Supply, Hurricane, Fish
  • 【 26000mAh/84Wh High Capacity Battery 】- Solar Powered...
  • 【 Meet Long Continuous Lighting Needs 】- The generator...
  • 【 Lightweight and Compact】- Portable power station, only...

Product Highlights

One of the best types of emergency preparedness generators is one that is solar-powered. The sun is a steady resource that can assist you in recharging your generator if you don’t have access to electricity for a prolonged period of time.

This generator is both lightweight and portable. It comes in two capacity levels: 42Wh and 84Wh. There are also two charging methods: either solar or USB charging via DC wall charging or AC car charging.

This unit is perfect for long-term continuous lighting needs, and the built-in lights can last up to 64 hours. This generator also comes with a great guarantee, adding to its reliability.


  • A generator with 26000mAh/84Wh high-capacity battery with a 12 year life span
  • It contains built-in lights with 2 levels that can be powered continuously for 64 hours. Also included are 3 external lamps that can be used up to 40 hours
  • It takes 5-8 hours to charge using solar (full sunlight) and 6–9 hours to charge via USB
  • It weighs 2.1 lbs, so it is lightweight, portable and compact, perfect for an emergency generator
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee

What We Like About ECO-WORTHY 84Wh Portable Power Station

This generator is a great option for emergency preparedness. It will take care of your lighting needs for up to 64 hours and has both built-in and external lights for all your lighting needs.

The 2 methods of charging add to the versatility of this generator in a number of emergency situations. The 2-year warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee are big pluses in making sure that you feel secure in your purchase.

It is an overall well-priced unit that can assist with your lighting needs and charging of small mobile devices.

What We Don’t Like About the Eco-WORTHY 84Wh Portable Power Station

The recharging of this unit is challenging. You need to ensure the blue switch on the unit is turned on; otherwise, the unit will not charge at all. Solar charging is also challenging and often takes much longer than the expected recharge time.

After a number of uses, the unit does not charge fully and sometimes does not recharge at all so its longevity is questionable.


  • Continuous lighting for up to 64 hours internally and an additional 40 hours with external lights
  • There are two methods of charging available for the unit: solar and USB
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 2-year warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Recharging is difficult
  • Solar charging takes longer than indicated
  • Full charge is not achieved after extended use

2. Portable Power Station, 83Wh Solar Generator

MARBERO Portable Power Station 83Wh Small Generator Solar Power Bank Peak 120W Camping Laptop Charger Emergency Battery Pack with AC Outlet 4 USB Ports with Flashlight for Outdoor Home Travel
1,368 Reviews
MARBERO Portable Power Station 83Wh Small Generator Solar Power Bank Peak 120W Camping Laptop Charger Emergency Battery Pack with AC Outlet 4 USB Ports with Flashlight for Outdoor Home Travel
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: This power supply is built in Lithium battery...
  • MULTI-OUTPUT: This portable generator is equipped with...
  • ULTRA BRIGHT LED: The ultra-bright LED light of the portable...

Product Highlights

This compact generator is a great candidate for an emergency generator. It is lightweight and portable, with a convenient carry handle. With a built-in light that has 4 lighting modes and SOS mode, this is ideal for emergency situations.

The generator has multifunctional outputs (USB, AC, and DC). It is able to power multiple smaller devices under 80 watts. With three charge modes, it is a versatile generator and comes with a 24-month warranty for your peace of mind.


  • A generator with 83Wh capacity (22500mAh, 3.7V) and multifunctional outlets, including: 2*QC3.0 USB port (27W max) and 2*USB C (PD3.0, 18W/30W max). 1*DC ports (5V/4.8A 24W max), and 1 AC output socket (80W running, 120W peak).
  • Can power smaller devices up to 80W, including cell phones, cameras, etc.
  • Lightweight at 2.2 lbs. and compact, it comes with a functional carry handle
  • It comes with a built-in LED light with 4 lighting modes and a SOS function. The light usage time is around 12 hours
  • 3 charging methods and 2 adaptors are included, one for wall outlet charging and one for car charging. It can be charged via solar but the solar panel is not included.

What We Like About Portable Power Stations and 83W Solar Generator

This generator is a great lightweight option and with a carrying handle, it is very portable too. The multifunctional outlets add to its versatility as it allow more devices to be charged on the generator.

The generator can be charged in 3 different ways and comes with 2 adaptors, which are helpful to keep the generator-powered up. The built-in LED light with 4 different modes as well as an SOS function is very useful in emergency situations.

What We Don’t Like About Portable Power Stations and 83W Solar Generator

It is definitely better at charging smaller items, like phones. As soon as you try to charge a device with a higher power requirement, it does not charge and loses capacity quickly.

After multiple uses, it no longer reaches full charge, which is not ideal for use in emergency situations. The fact that it does not have the solar panel included means it only really has 2 charging methods.


  • Lightweight, portable and compact
  • 83Wh generator with multifunctional outlets
  • Built-in LED light with 4 modes and an SOS function
  • Capable of 3 recharging modes with 2 adaptors included
  • 2 year warranty included


  • Only capable of charging smaller devices like phones
  • Not capable of full recharge after multiple uses
  • No solar panel included for recharging

3. 200W Peak Portable Power Station

Product Highlights

No products found.

This generator allows for more functionality with a higher power capacity With a 200W capacity, it can power up laptops, phones, cameras, and more. It comes with a lithium-ion battery so it is a quiet and eco-friendly generator option.

It comes with AC adaptors to recharge via the car or wall outlet. It also has the capability to recharge with solar but the solar panels are not included. It contains a built-in torch to add to its functionality.

It comes with an LED screen showing power output for real-time readings. The handle and small size make it compact and convenient to carry.


  • larger power capacity of 200W allows for charging of bigger electrical devices
  • It comes with a 178-watt lithium-ion battery, making it a quiet and eco-friendly generator option
  • Capacity to recharge 3 ways but only comes with 2 AC adapters for wall and car charging; solar is not included
  • It includes an LED screen with real-time output display as well as an LED flashlight to add to its versatility

What We Like About 200W Peak Portable Power Station

It is a great, compact, portable generator with a handle for ease of carrying. With a 200-watt capacity, it gives you the ability to charge more demanding electrical appliances. With the ability to recharge in 3 ways, this is a versatile generator.

The LED screen display gives you important instant feedback on power output and battery status. The built-in LED flashlight has added benefit of being an emergency generator.

What We Don’t Like About 200W Peak Portable Power Station

The unit tends to not be able to keep up charging items and drains very quickly. It does not seem to hold charge well at all.

The capacity to power certain larger, more demanding electrical items is not possible with this generator. It also takes a long time to recharge the unit fully.


  • Large 200-watt capacity for recharging certain larger electrical items
  • Compact and portable with handle for easy carrying
  • There are three recharge methods available
  • LED Display with important data like battery life


  • Cannot charge larger items
  • Does not hold charge well and drains quickly when charging
  • It takes longer than stated to recharge the unit fully

4. Generark Solar Generator For Homes

Geneverse 1002Wh (1x2) Solar Generator Bundle: 1X HomePower ONE Portable Power Station (3X 1000W AC Outlets) + 2X 100W Solar Panels. Quiet, Indoor-Safe Backup Battery Power Generator For Home Devices
  • The Most Reliable Emergency Power Supply: Industry-leading...
  • Long-Lasting Capacity: Each portal power station has 1,002Wh...
  • Powerful Output: 3 AC outlets with the pure-sine wave,...

Product Highlights

If you are looking for a generator with a larger capacity, then this generator could be the one for you. The solar generator supports 1000W rated power and 2000W surge power.

This allows you to power up bigger appliances, such as a refrigerator. Sometimes you may wonder: should preppers have a whole house generator? Check out our post to find out.

It has 3 recharging functions, including solar and solar panels. With a limited 5 year warranty and 52 reliability and safety tests, it is a reliable emergency generator option.


  • 1000-2000W solar generator that can power your essential devices for up to 7 days
  • Wide range of compatibility, including USB A, USB C and car outlet
  • 3 recharge functions, including solar panels for solar recharging
  • Higher capacity allows the powering of big appliances such as refrigerators
  • large number of safety and reliability tests and 5 year limited warranty add to the soundness of the generator

What We Like About Generark Solar Generator For Homes

This generator has a much higher capacity so it can keep much more of your electronics going when you are without electricity. It has a quick, hassle-free setup, especially for solar charging.

It is safe and reliable after going through numerous tests and the 5-year coverage gives you additional peace of mind. You can also recharge the generator while charging other devices, which is convenient.

What We Don’t Like About Generark Solar Generator For Homes

While it claims to be able to handle all kinds of bigger appliances, this is simply not the case. When used with a microwave, it automatically shuts down as it cannot handle the power requirements for such heating devices.

Solar charging is not as effective as other charging methods and takes much longer than indicated. The price tag for this generator is also on the high side and may not be worth the extra money.


  • A higher-capacity generator is able to power larger items between 1000 and 2000 W.
  • Hassle-free setup, compact and portable
  • Safe and reliable
  • Multiple charging methods


  • Unable to handle powering heating appliances effectively
  • Long recharge time for solar recharging
  • High price tag

5. 200W Peak Power Station Flashfish

Flashfish Portable Power Station 200W Peak Solar Generator 166Wh Camping CPAP Battery Backup Power Battery Pack With 2 110V AC Outlets 2 DC Ports 3 USB Ports For Home CPAP Camping Blackout
  • Wide Application: Our 166Wh portable generator is provided...
  • Specific Features: With 45000mAh capacity, pure sine wave,...
  • 3 Ways to Recharge: There are 3 options for you to recharge...

Product Highlights

A 200-watt generator that can easily recharge your essential electronics in an emergency. It is a great portable power source with wide applications, including AC outlets, USB ports and DC ports.

There are built-in safety systems to ensure the generator is safe and reliable. Safety with generators is of utmost importance. Have a look at safety standards for portable generators to get some more detail around what safety aspects to consider.

3 recharge methods and capabilities, you will never be short of being able to recharge the unit. It is simple to use and capable of taking care of your emergency power needs with ease.


  • It has three outputs. 2 x 110V AC outlets that can charge a CPAP machine, tablet, etc; 3 x USB ports for smartphones, iPads, etc.; and two DC ports
  • 45000mAh capacity, pure sine wave, 150W AC continuous power and 200W AC peak power give the unit the ability to charge your items with ease
  • It is a lightweight, compact and portable unit that is simple to use
  • It includes the following safety measures: overheat protection, short-circuit protection, low-voltage protection, lock-on protection, over-voltage protection and over-current protection

What We Like About 200W Peak Power Station Flashfish

A generator that has a good amount of power (200W) will ensure you can use your essentials in an emergency.

The wide application allows you to connect multiple items through various connections, including 2 quick charge ports for convenience.

The unit has great safety measures in place to ensure the safe operation of the unit and prevent damage to the unit or your devices.

The LCD display panel allows you to monitor battery levels at all times.

What We Don’t Like About 200W Peak Power Station Flashfish

With this unit, you cannot charge items while recharging and this can sometimes be inconvenient.

While it has solar recharge capability, it does not come with solar panels, so this will be an added expense.


  • Good power capacity at 200W
  • Wide applications and multiple types of connections
  • Great safety measures in the unit
  • Simple to use
  • Easy-to-read LCD display panel


  • Cannot charge while recharging the unit
  • Does not include solar panels

6. AIMTOM 42000mAh 155Wh Power Station

AIMTOM 42000mAh 155Wh Power Station, Emergency Backup Power Supply with Flashlights (Solar Panel Optional), for Camping, Home, CPAP, Travel, Outdoor (110V/ 100W AC Outlet, 3X 12V DC, 3X USB Output)

Product Highlights

This lightweight and portable generator with a 42000mAh battery and 155Wh power capacity is a great emergency generator. It has an ergonomic handle, making it easy and comfortable to transport.

You can use one generator to power all of your essential devices with AC, DC, and USB outlets. The battery uses a built-in inverter, making it a quiet generator option.

It has a battery management system to protect against overcurrent, overvoltage, overtemperature, and your battery life.


  • Lightweight at 3.48lbs, the unit is also portable with an ergonomic handle
  • Multiple outlets, including AC, DC and USB
  • Quiet operation with a built-in inverter
  • Battery Management System to protect your devices and the battery

What We Like About AIMTOM 42000mAh 155Wh Power Station

It is a great lightweight unit, less than other units of this size. It contains a surprise flashlight for emergency use, adding to its versatility. It has 3 recharge methods, giving you diversity in repowering the unit.

The multiple outlets, including AC, DC, and USB, mean this generator is an all-in-one solution. The battery management system protects the unit’s battery as well as your devices. It is a quiet option with its built-in inverter.

What We Don’t Like About Product Name: AIMTOM 42000mAh 155Wh Power Station

While 3 recharge methods are listed, only 2 adapters are provided. Solar panels are not included and if you want this functionality, it will come at an extra cost.

The unit takes a long time to recharge and requires a very stable power source to recharge so in the case of emergencies or even camping, this may not be easy to achieve.


  • 42000mAh battery and 155Wh is sufficient power for your essential needs
  • All-in-one generator solution with multiple outlets
  • Lightweight, portable and ergonomic handle
  • Battery management system helps protect the unit and your devices


  • Solar recharge is not possible without additional investment
  • Long recharge time
  • The need for a stable power source for recharging

Final Verdict

Generators come in all different shapes and sizes, and they can suit whatever your power needs may be, but that usually comes at a cost. The more powerful the generator, the more expensive it is.

When looking for an emergency generator, you want something that is compact, portable, and rechargeable in multiple conditions.

You want something that can power your essential items but is still reliable. Like with most emergency items, each person will have different needs.

Some people will feel the need to access bigger, more power-hungry appliances and will need a bigger generator to power them.

Others will need the basics, some lights, and maybe to charge a phone so their power and generator needs will be minimal. While there are vast generator options out there, we have covered our best options to suit a multitude of needs.

Our overall best option for an emergency generator that will suit most people’s needs is 200W Peak Power Station Flashfish. It has a great capacity of 200W and 45000mAh, which will be able to power all of your essentials and more.

With three types of outlets, including AC, DC, and USB, the generator will be your one-stop shop for all your recharging needs. With 2 quick-charge USB ports, this will help keep your devices fully charged in record time.

It is lightweight, portable, and simple to use, making it a great option for emergency use. The agronomical carry handle allows you to transport the generator with ease and comfort.

With extra safety measures in place, including overheat protection, short-circuit protection, low-voltage protection, lock-on protection, over-voltage protection, and over-current protection, you can have peace of mind that this unit will be secure.

The unit is well priced and in line with other units of this size and capacity.

The LCD display panel is a helpful addition, showing battery level, input charging power, and AC and DC output indicators. With three recharging methods, this generator becomes more versatile.

While the adaptors included are only for wall charging and car charging, they do have the capacity to be recharged via solar.

The solar panels are not included but can be purchased if you would like the functionality. Overall, this unit is really value for money and will keep you and your family powered up in an emergency.