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Should Preppers have a Whole House Generator?

Should Preppers have a Whole House Generator?

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The king of convenience, when it comes to backup power, is the whole house generator. There are all sorts of methods that can be used for generating backup power but nothing just clicks on the way a whole house generator does.

The king of convenience, when it comes to backup power, is the whole house generator.

The big question, of course, is how does a whole house generator fit into short term and long term disaster? Is it a viable option for preppers or could it be more of a problem? Let’s explore this idea in three big considerations.

Backup Power

It’s so important to have backup power. That is a basic preparedness principle. If you are preparing for natural disasters you want to be sure that you have the means of getting power back on when everyone else loses it.

When you are talking about convenience, there is no method more convenient than a whole house generator. the power goes off and it simply clicks back on when the generator powers up.

Fuel Source Issues

For preppers, there are some issues with whole house generators and one big one is the fueling. Most whole house generators are propane fueled or patched into your natural gas.

This means if your access to natural gas or propane is compromised you don’t have a generator anymore. You have a hunk of metal attached to your home.

That is important to consider as a prepper who needs contingencies.

The Downside of a Whole Home Generator

When we are talking about a serious SHTF scenario, a whole home generator could actually make you a target.

If you have a loud generator and you are dealing with lights on at night when everyone else is suffering, you will become a target.  So you have to factor that in.

For most natural disasters that cut the power, however, having a whole home generator is going to be really awesome!

The king of convenience, when it comes to backup power, is the whole house generator.

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