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How To Get Fresh Water Out Of Thin Air

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If the SHTF and you find yourself in a dry, arid environment without easy access to water, then this technique just may save your life.

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If you have heard of what survival experts call the ‘Rule of Three‘ you know that you can only live without water for about 3 days (along with 3 minutes without air, 3 weeks without food, etc).

In some of the driest regions on Earth where average rainfall measurements are slim to none, there are a few insects and plants that have evolved an amazing ability to pull the water right from the air, from the fog that drifts in from the warm oceans nearby.

MIT researchers have shown that they can drastically improve current methods resulting in a five-fold increase in water extraction. That may give you the edge you need in a life or death situation.

How To Get Fresh Water Out Of Thin Air