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How To Get Your Ham Radio License (The Simple Way)

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Investing in getting a Ham radio license could mean the difference in life or death. In some cases anyway! What is a Ham Radio? A Ham radio is a way you can communicate from the top of a mountain, your home, or behind the wheel of your car.

You can take the radio wherever you go! In times of disaster, when regular communications channels fail, hams can swing into action assisting emergency communications efforts and working with public service agencies.

You can pick up a great small Baofeng UV5RA Ham Two Way Radio on Amazon. It will set you back $30 bucks! That’s a steal!

If you want to do something towards your preps this week, getting information and getting your ham radio license would be a great step forward.

Remember you can have hours of fun listening to the radio and making new friends.

How To Get Your Ham Radio License (The Simple Way)