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How To Build A Mini Water Garden Oasis In 20 different Styles

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There are a ton of different things that can happen to a garden. Tragedy can befall all of your growing spaces in a hurry.

It is for this reason that we grow in raised beds and we grow pots. You might also like this idea about a DIY mini garden oasis.

Hydroponic Practice

While it’s not the exact same thing, you are putting some parts and pieces of a hydroponic process into play here.  With 20 DIY mini water gardens, you can take some time, watch some videos and see what works best for you. 

These are just as much a project as they are a garden. They are an opportunity to learn a new skill.


You will find that you are growing all kinds of water-loving plants. You will see that plants, like these, might be great for ducks to eat on. Maybe your journey into these mini water gardens becomes the first step into adding ducks to your land. 

A few ducks are not much of an undertaking but those eggs are sure worth it! 

The Mental Strength to Survive

This might seem like it’s in the wrong place but washing out the mind is important. Few of us ever take the time to really sit down and stop the world around us. When we are stuck in this Doomsday mindset all the time it can be very destructive on our psyche. 

These simple water gardens are not DOOMSDAY FOOD FORESTS THAT WILL FEED YOUR FAMILY but they are very effective and enjoyable breaks from the day. You might not think that a break like that is an important survival tool. 

The interesting thing about these little gardens and the DIY projects that they present is that they can become a little break of their own.