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Make your Own Improvised Gas Mask

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We have trash. You can travel to the furthest reaches of our world and you will find some trash. It’s a sad reality of what we have done to the earth. While we enhance many things on this planet we lay to waste man, as well. 

An improvised gas mask can be made, basically, of trash. You could gather most of the items needed just by walking around a suburban neighborhood and especially a downtown one. This would be particularly easy if you headed down to a water source. 

The base of this mask is a 2-liter bottle. The bottle is cut to fit your face and from there you add the guts to make it into a gas mask

Why Do I Need a Gas Mask? 

There are many reasons, in this day and age, to have access to a means of filtering the air your breath. The most terrifying situation is the possibility of a biological attack.

Maybe we are talking about a deadly poisonous gas. As tensions rise with Iran, it’s a genuine threat. 

Our open and broken southern border makes this situation much more of a reality. 

That bio threat could also come in the form of a virus. Maybe a particularly viral infection that spreads through the population easily. Having a way to protect your respiratory system will be necessary for a situation like this. 

Build it for Practice

While you might not subscribe to what this gas mask is used for. I would still encourage you to make this little DIY project. It’s a cool little task. It will make creating this or something like it much easier if you have done it once. 

You can also increase the efficacy of this by adding activated charcoal between two masks and wedging that into the bottle. The charcoal is great at collecting those impurities in the air.