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How to Talk to Non Preppers

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Maybe the most important step in our near future is going to be getting as many people prepared as possible. You see, we are running out of time. The nation is more divided than ever before but we are simply going to keep spinning wheels if you don’t take action. 

It’s not that we are facing threats from one monster or another. We are up against a vast number of monsters that all seem to have claws out and fangs dripping. Things like the pollution and adulteration of natural resources, natural disasters, civil unrest, threats from foreign nations and so on and so forth. 

Now is the time to prep. In a time when you think we would all be forcing ourselves to be more disciplined and trained to be effective in the modern world, it would seem people are pulling further from morality. 

So, to talk to non-preppers about the issues of the day what should you do? 

Natural Disasters 

One of the easiest topics to discuss is natural disasters. They come in all shapes and sizes and they are newsworthy. They affect the entire nation and they seem to be getting worse! One of the easiest ways to bring up the topic of disaster preparedness is to ask about natural disasters in your area. 

“What if we got hit with floods like that?”

Instead of being the man with the questions you need to be the person with the questions. Move the conversation with questions rather than statements. 


The daily news is full of murder, corruption, and war. I think it’s easy to discuss the daily news and look at that as a means to get people talking about preparedness. Things are pretty simple when you get yourself wrapped up in the reality of our world. Talk about the news and how bad things could get. 


Everyone is soft on the family. If you have a genuine concern for this person you likely care for their family as well. Tell them about your concerns for your own family and it may spur similar concerns for theirs!