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Hybrid Solar Wind Power Generation System

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Why is a hybrid solar-wind power generation system important? Power sources, in general, are a critical topic of discussion here.

Relying on the main power grid for your sole power source just isn’t a good idea.

Survivalism 101 requires that you become self-reliant and self-sufficient, not dependent on things like the electric company or the government to provide for you in times of great need.

Prepping with solar power alone is not enough
Survival of potentially devastating events like widespread blackouts or a foreign nation knocking out our power grid with an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack is contingent on our independence in this arena.

There are several options for supplementing your main power source, solar energy and wind energy are the two most popular.

Preppers often talk about using solar power as a renewable energy source for getting “off the grid” or when SHTF.

This community is no different, with lots of articles dedicated to solar power, installation of solar panels, and solar energy storage through the use of batteries.

There’s no doubt that there’s truth in solar power being a great energy source as it’s used successfully by survivalists and other homeowners worldwide every day.

There is a better way though, and that’s through hybrid solar-wind power generation system. This is the ultimate way to supplement your current power source, reduce your electricity bill, and to get “off the grid” if that’s your eventual goal.

Residential Solar Panels

Solar energy is clean and solar panels are easy to install. You can also buy them in phases so you can add on to your fleet as you have the money.

In fact, there are tons of benefits to producing solar energy on your property. It protects you from rising energy costs, it helps our country be more energy independent, and frankly, it adds value to your home.

So what’s the rub? No rub here. Solar panels are great. It’s just possible to get more for less!

Consider this. How do you continue to produce electricity during the night with solar power? How about when the sun doesn’t show itself from behind the clouds for several days? What happens when you’ve run out of room for solar panels?

Wind Turbines

This is where wind turbines shine. They work even when the sun isn’t shining at night and can produce electricity 24 hours a day.

They also work on cloudy days. During the winter when solar production decreases with the reduced daytime, the wind keeps blowing.

Don’t have any space left, consider a home wind turbine. They have a small footprint and if sized properly, can produce as much electricity as hundreds of solar panels!

Wind, like solar, is a clean, renewable energy source. Wind turbines also protect you from rising energy costs, help us be less energy dependent on other countries, and increase your property value. So you still get many of the benefits of solar energy, but…

Wind turbines are more energy-efficient than solar panels! Surprised to hear that? Most are, but it’s true. So why isn’t everyone using wind power to get off the grid? Well, many are and you should consider it too.

Wind Energy Production

In the past, wind energy production was complicated, and it was hard to find components made for residential use.

Now there are lots of resources available to assist you when you’re just starting out. Where do you find the best wind turbine for residential use? How do you know what size turbine to buy?

There are plenty of resources out there for this, including educational websites, the .govs, and manufacturers of wind turbines and auxiliary wind energy components. They all have skin the game as they say. Wind energy production benefits us all.

While many do, wind energy has its drawbacks too.

The wind isn’t always blowing over 6 mph, where many home wind turbines have their cut-in speed, which is where they start to generate electricity. In addition, although wind turbines have a great ROI, their upfront costs are high and they’re a long-term investment.

Hybrid Solar-Wind Power Generation System

Obviously, both solar and wind energy have their place. Rather than relying on a single system, the best way to get around their corresponding drawbacks is to combine them with one another.

A hybrid solar-wind power generation can ensure you’re producing electricity at night when the sun isn’t shining and on a calm, sunny day when the wind isn’t blowing.

By combining wind and solar technologies, you get both the large, long-term return on investment that wind turbines boast, but also the quick return from solar.

With multiple solar panels paying you off over a short period of time, it’ll provide you with the capital needed to fund your larger wind turbine project so you can achieve greater, if not full, energy independence on your own property.

A hybrid solar-wind power generation system might sound complicated if you’ve never looked into it before. It’s not overly simple, but it’s not rocket science either.

Plenty of manufacturers even sell solar panels and home wind turbine kits. They can include everything needed to get started. Solar panels, wind turbines, charge controllers, power inverters, battery banks, and generators are common components you might see.

Hybrid systems are often stand-alone and operate off-grid, not connecting in with the electric company’s lines. The battery bank or generator in the system provide power during times of low wind and low sunlight until the solar and wind systems can recharge the batteries.

Subsidize Your Costs of Getting Started Today

How can you get started right away if you haven’t saved up the funds for an entire system?

There are several ways. I mentioned one above.

Solar panels start paying you back right away. You can start by adding one or two solar panels at a time until you build up a fleet of them saving you money as a shorter-term investment.

In addition, there are almost always tax credits and other rebates available for both solar and wind energy systems.

For example, the federal government has a tax credit that continues through 2021. You can also search for rebates and credits that are more local in nature.

Not ready to go completely off-grid yet? You’re not alone.

But what’s the best way to give the middle finger to the big, bad electric company? Produce enough electricity that you can feed the excess back into the grid. In many cases, the electric company will pay you for this!

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