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Interactive Story for Preppers

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Interactive Story for Preppers

There is a new story for preppers out there that gives readers a chance to shape the story! Remember the old “Choose Your Own Adventure” books from the 70s, 80s, and 90s?

Readers would start the story just like any other book and then, at a pivotal point, have to choose what happens next. There were usually 2-3 options to choose from.

The reader would then turn to the page indicated by their choice and continue on until another pivotal point, and so on. They were very popular for young and old alike.

Something similar is happening called the Saturday Survival Serial. It is a weekly story that was originally hosted on the survivalist site

As the name indicates, the story is set in a post disaster scenario and follows the main character Jimmy Walker, whose name was voted on by readers. The story was picked up and written by LeAnn Edmondson who runs the site, Homestead Dreamer.

Due to Tin Hat Ranch’s schedule, he was unable to keep the story going each week and she offered to fill in, eventually taking the story over. It went on for over 6 months and became very popular with a loyal reader base voting each week and shaping a story.

The story was then taken and edited into a 278 page book titled, Aftermath, A Story of Survival which is available in on Amazon paperback and on Kindle. Even the title of the book was a reader suggestion and voted most popular by other fans!

The story starts with a computer virus that knocks out all electronics. Planes fall from the sky, ships are left dead in the water, and communications are wiped out.

Then, nuclear air strikes are detonated over major populations that emit an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), crippling the infrastructure further and causing catastrophic damage.

Jimmy Walker, a retired Marine, sees the writing on the wall when the virus hits. He makes a trek to his cabin in the Manistee National Forest in northern Michigan where he groups up with others to try and survive.

The panic that the cascading disasters had caused missile silos to open up with countries pointing fingers and accusing blame on enemy and ally alike for the devastation.

He expected wandering refugees and a criminal threat but he hadn’t counted on the United Nations taking over global authority.

Classified under dystopian fiction, this book would be rated PG13 – NC17 in my opinion. There is some cursing but no ‘F bombs,’ some violent scenes (as would be expected given the setting of the story) but does not go into fine detail unlike other books in the genre can.

It was self published, edited extensively, then republished after some glaring mistakes had been found. Though a few typos may have slipped through, one Amazon review said “Couldn’t put the book down start to finish, fun to read and easy to understand.”

The story isn’t over yet, a 2nd Volume has begun!

Due to so many fan requests, a second serial has started and is hosted at Homestead Dreamer. Readers will again be able to cast their vote for how the story should progress.

Included in Volume 2 will be the ability for people to suggest an entirely different option from the author’s.

Not only that, their suggestion will be added to available choices that can be voted on and each person will be able to vote up to two times per week.

The story appeals to preppers, homesteaders, survivalists, and anyone who just enjoys a good read. The plus is that your suggestion could end up being the one most voted on and change the whole direction of the story!

Learn more here about the story behind the story….“Aftermath, A Story of Survival” Now Available!