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How To Make Charcoal When SHTF

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Charred wood and charcoal are very different things. It’s easy to get them mixed up. They are created differently.

This article offers a great video from one of the best channels in primitive survival on the net. Have you ever utilized the mound method in creating charcoal? It doesn’t get more minimalist than that. You will take to this method and find yourself with all the benefits of charcoal in a survival situation.

The article also lists many of the great uses for charcoal outside of cooking food, though that is one important thing. We don’t often think about charcoal as a heating element but it does that well too. This is a short article with a great video. You will enjoy both the information gleaned from the article and the channel from which the video is derived. Charcoal packs light and makes fire less of a concern.

How To Make Charcoal When SHTF