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How To Make An Easy DIY Still

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How To Make An Easy DIY Still

See how to make an easy DIY still from items you may have lying around your house.

This is great information to know. A still can make drinkable water from nasty, undrinkable water… even seawater. It’s pretty amazing to think we could actually make this water drinkable and actually hydrate ourselves in a survival situation. I can think of a few nasty water sources near me that I could use this still on and get safe water for my family.

It really is simple to make and use. Here is what you need.

(1) Aluminum pot with an aluminum lid
(1) 5 Gallon bucket
(1) Drill
(1) 1/8 inch drill bit
(1) 3/8) inch drill bit
(1) Cooking Thermometer
(1) Teflon Tape
(1) Hot glue gun with high-temperature hot glue sticks
(1) Metal File
(2) 3/8-inch to 3/8-inch compression adapter (found in the plumbing aisle)
(1) 20 ft. Refrigerator coil
A stove or other consistent heat source (when using the still you need to keep whatever you are boiling at a very even temp).

Check out the full tutorial and see all of the amazing step-by-step pictures to help you build a still.