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How To Make Whiskey Step by Step

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How To Make Whiskey Step by Step

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Who doesn’t like a shot of whiskey on a cold night? I love it. My granddad has been taking a shot of whiskey every night before bed for over 50 years and he swears it keep him healthy.

I did a post on how to make watermelon moonshine yesterday and it went viral so I thought what else would people like to know how to make and it hit me.. whiskey. Whiskey is so expensive to buy and to be honest I do not want to spend that much money on a drink.

To make it yourself you could easily only pay about 5 bucks a liter. That is ridiculously cheap. Obviously it won’t taste like the $50 bottle but it will be whiskey nevertheless. I didn’t realize how simple it was to make whiskey. The process only takes a few hours. To get the best flavor and alcohol content I would recommend leaving for a few months if not years.

Warning! It is illegal to distill drinking alcohol in many countries, including the US. According to the TTB, US Federal law strictly prohibits individuals from producing distilled spirits at home, so only use this recipe for reference purposes. Unless, of course, it is the end of the world as we know it and the Federal government is not functioning. This is a great skill to know and master for a SHTF situation as alcohol could be used for barter; and naturally, entertainment. 🙂

How To Make Whiskey

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