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Moist And Delicious Cinnamon Apple Bread Recipe

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It’s the season and all that! The fall has always been a time of apples and cinnamon, in my house anyway.

There are many different ways that you can make a simple cinnamon apple bread.

apple bread recipe

There are probably 1,000 cinnamon apple bread recipes out there! 

Do you pick apples in the Fall? Do you buy them by the bushel?

Sure you can eat them raw, dip them in caramel, or even bake them! How much apple sauce can you make? That is completely up to you. 

Apples are also a great fruit to bake with. They are strong and hold up to the heat of baking.

The French call the apple ‘pomme’. Which is interesting when you find out what they call potatoes, ‘pomme de terre’ or apple of the earth.

Cinnamon Apple Bread

A warm slice of cinnamon-apple bread is a real treasure. Its a truly seasonal expression of baking skills and ingredients at their peak. 

Baking is a skill that many people in the prepper and survival world do not appreciate. However, many people have decided to start storing wheat. That is an interesting disconnect. Store the wheat but don’t come to master it.

This is one recipe that you can use to practice your own baking skills.

Off-Grid Baking

We should all consider baking and cooking off the grid. There could come a time when that electric stove and oven are no longer something you can use.

You can build your own off-grid oven without much fuss.

Prepping is all about lifestyle. You are slowly but surely changing your lifestyle so you can be ready to weather the storm that could be on the horizon.

Each day, it seems like things are getting worse and worse. All around the world, trouble is brewing.