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My Prepping No-No: I’ve Made The Same Mistake Over & Over, Don’t You Make It Too

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We are all going to make mistakes on our preparedness path. In fact, you will learn more from your mistakes than you will from your victories.

We are all aware of this. Still, in a disaster, those mistakes could cost us much more.

Some mistakes are easy to understand. You know, things like reading a long article about owning silver and then buying a bunch before you ever consider food or water. These fear buys are something we are all subject to. It’s just part of the deal. 

The Big No-No

We all have talents and backgrounds in certain skills. It’s natural for us to lean on those skills and comforts. However, you are going to see that there is a natural inclination to block out those things we are not good at. 

This hyperfocus is the big mistake you must avoid making. 

Almost everyone has this hypervigilance for one thing or another. Many have an affinity for guns and ammo. Others are gear junkies. Some are just as wrapped up in things like food storage and canning. 

We get in trouble when we start leaning too much on one aspect of what we do. When we start fantasizing about how our scenario will save the day and how it can go no other way, things get dangerous. 

The Remedy

The good news is, it’s pretty easy to be sure that you avoid this. In order to so, you need to make a list. I know we have enough lists. 

You need a list of the things that you are the worst at. Prepper aspects in particular, but skills and other things that you might be woefully underprepared for. When you have a list of what you are bad at you will know where you need to focus your energy.

By default, you will avoid the mistake of hyper-focus on one aspect of prepping.