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Perfect Prepper Jobs

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As a prepper, I find happiness by planning to succeed followed by a constant effort to not deviate from the plan. This also holds true as a prepper searching for fulfilling and rewarding jobs.

As a prepper, I find happiness by planning to succeed followed by a constant effort to not deviate from the plan. This also holds true as a prepper searching for fulfilling and rewarding jobs.

Have you ever had someone ask if you like being who you are? Let’s say your last name is Jones and you are asked the question, “so do you enjoy being a Jones?” The first thing that comes to my mind is “as opposed to what?” I am who I am, it’s not like I can turn my existence on and off.

The same is true with being a prepper. A prepper is who I am. There is no way I’ll ever be able to change that so I don’t really understand the question of whether or not I like being one.

A better question is, “how do you find happiness as a prepper, as a Jones?” Yup, that question I understand, I’m sure we all do, just like I’m sure we all know the answer, it’s right there in one of our simple eternal mantras. “If I fail to plan, I plan to fail.”

Prepper Jobs

The following jobs are not just careers where a prepper can find success and happiness. Rather, they are examples of a road map as to how a prepper should approach the endeavor of finding jobs where they can be happy.

Regardless of their nature, there are two things that are going to be common in almost every job: planning beforehand and being prepared. There are a lot of reasons why people plan beforehand. It is to minimize risk, evaluate the options, and increase the chances of success.

The same goes for being prepared.

Jobs are very unpredictable. The world is changing rapidly thanks to science and technology, and the place where they have the strongest impact is where you work.

That is why it is imperative that you remain prepared for any change that might come your way. Let’s have a look at jobs where planning and being prepared is the most important.


If there is one job where people literally risk their lives in order to save other people, it has to be firefighter jobs.

Though their job may be one of the hardest jobs in the world, the reward they get is more than any high-paying job in the world. Saving other people’s lives while risking yours is the noblest thing any human can do.

That is why a lot of their time goes into planning and preparing themselves.

When you are doing something that only concerns you, you can afford to be careless at times. But when you work at a department where the lives of many people depend upon you, there is no room for mistakes.

After all, when people are in the state of absolute frenzy, they call firefighters for assistance. It rests on firefighters’ shoulders to help those in need.

Real Estate Agent:

Planning and preparedness are the top qualifications that a real estate agent will need. They not only have to plan their own day but also remain prepared for multiple clients they might work with throughout the day.

They have to coordinate with the homeowners and the people who might be interested in buying those homes, not to mention keeping all the information about the clients and homeowners in one place. That includes:

  • Their names
  • Contact numbers
  • Contracts
  • House addresses
  • Other valuable information

In short, real estate agents depend on planning and being prepared more than anything.

Camping Instructor:

Camping is a fun sport. And the credit definitely goes to the people who make it happen.

Camping instructors not only risk their lives by going in the middle of forests, but also make sure the other people who are following them are well prepared as well. From showing them how to pitch tents to teaching them basic survival things, like building your own fishing kit, they do it all.

A lot of planning and preparedness goes into this. They know what they are getting into.

Everything has already been planned out, including how they are going to manage so many people at once. They also prepare themselves for any unfortunate emergency situations.

Event Planning:

As the name suggests, planning is very important in event planning jobs. The event could be anything. It could be:

  • Parties
  • Sporting events
  • Business parties
  • Weddings
  • Fundraising galas
  • Birthday parties

You will have to work on the smallest details including the budget of the party, how much cost will you be covering, where the caters will be coming from, how you will decorate the place, managing the guest list, accommodations for people attending and other sources of entertainment.

You have to be especially careful if you are a wedding planner. People consider their wedding day the most special day of their lives. That is why they need perfection in everything.

And since it is going to be you delivering them that, you have to make sure you satisfy them. For that, you need to start planning months before the wedding day. Make sure you are prepared for any unpredictable situation.

Project Manager:

Once again, as the title suggests, you are managing jobs. And the top core function of managing is planning.

You need to have a very organized mind to excel in project managing jobs. When you are working on a project, there are a lot of things happening at once. You have to make sure you are aware of all of them.

Moreover, you also need to prepare yourself for when things do not go in the way you expect them to go. Project managing jobs are tricky. That is why it is essential that along with planning, you prepare yourself for the unknown.

Final Thoughts

No one job will automatically bring a prepper a life full of happiness and bliss. However, a healthy understanding of who we are and what we need to do may give us our best shot at being happy in our chosen career. And why not leverage those prepper skills at the job!

As a prepper, I find happiness by planning to succeed followed by a constant effort to not deviate from the plan. This also holds true as a prepper searching for fulfilling and rewarding jobs.