Poisonous Mushrooms 101

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Poisonous Mushrooms 101

Poisonous Mushrooms 101 - A common pastime of survivalists is collecting edible mushrooms. This practice must be pursued with great caution since mistaking a poisonous mushroom for one that is edible can cost you your life.

Beware of Poisonous Mushrooms… One wrong mouthful and you could die! That’s how deadly they can be.

I am no expert at mushrooms and I do not pretend to be… I went hunting for some good info on this subject and I came across his article from wildernessawareness.org. It is a great article and explains how there are 4 groups of poisonous mushrooms.

Remember, only eat a mushroom if you are 100% sure you know they are edible, it is not worth the risk if you are not. I didn’t even know that some mushrooms are not poisonous until you have alcohol. I would recommend bookmarking and printing this off (it’s printer friendly). Check it out below 🙂

Poisonous Mushrooms 101

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