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Prepare for a Powerful Winter

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Never forget that we live on a giant rock in the sky. Its core is molten magma and it’s circling a massive exploding star.

This star is responsible for our heat among other things. Well, the star, our sun, seems to be on a bit of a vacation lately. We are seeing fewer sunspots on the surface of the sun this year.

Fewer sunspots mean less activity which means less heat. That is a powerful thing when you really start to consider it. It’s getting colder and some scientists are even suggesting we could see the emergence of a mini ice age.

Ocean currents among other signs are mimicking traits of mini ice ages of the past. Now, you can mock this or use this to posture politically, if you wish. I would use it as a reason to get prepping! There is no better time to prepare for the cold than right now.

Remember, everything is cheap right now. We have access to all sorts of things and that could change rapidly. Rather than battle that later, get prepared today with powerful cold-fighting preps.

Your ability to generate heat, produce food, preserve that food, and fuel a fire will all be very important in the coming years. if what the scientists say is true. Of course, we have also been told the world will heat up so much that the seas will rise and millions will be displaced.

At the end of the day, you have to pay attention to the world around you. Pay attention to the sun and the temperatures. What the earth actually does is far more important that what anyone says.