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Prepping for the Future on the Cheap

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The list of items and preps that one needs seems to be never-ending. Less than 50% of Americans have more than $500 in their bank account. Now, as preppers, we can make believe that this is because people are just prepped to the max. They are buying all the right prepping materials and preparing for disaster.

Truth is, they are spending all their money on phones, food and other forms of entertainment.

Americans have trouble holding on to money. This means we are going to suffer in the long term to do what’s right regarding disaster preparedness. Prepping on a low budget or no budget can be a serious challenge.  So what can you do to acquire preps quickly and inexpensively?


If you have a blog or a podcast, you might be able to be an ambassador for a survival gear company. This is an interesting method for getting survival gear. Basically, you rep their gear and take pictures with it and they, in turn, give you some free gear.

This can work for everything from clothing to water filters. You just have to be smart about how you do this and keep track of your responsibilities for them.

Dollar Store Prepping

If you have a small budget you can do a lot with cheap preps. When you are talking about things like canned food and water or even things like trash bags and other resources, the dollars store can get a lot done with just a $20 bill.

Even when you are totally broke, you can work on skills. It costs you nothing to walk into the woods and start identifying trees or plants. Learning to make a fire or create a biofilter for dirty water would be extremely beneficial.

You don’t need money to become a better prepper. In fact, most of the best skills require very little or no money at all. What they require are time and focus.