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How to Build a Totally Self-Sustaining Home

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Is there anything more alluring than that self-sustaining home. The home that has the solar power system, wind energy, greenhouse, big garden, livestock and so much more. Its a dream many of us have and its a common path that most preppers follow.

 You know, in the beginning, you find yourself in a highly-populated area and you start hoarding prepping supplies. Then you realize that the best thing to do is hit the road! From there the thoughts of homesteading come to mind and before long, if you are lucky, you are carving that out for yourself.

This article is a great article on how to deal with a self-sustaining home. Where do you start and what is truly possible. You will find there are many options out there for you but all of them are going to take work. Get started today!

How to Build a Totally Self-Sustaining Home