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Solar Powered Bike That Could Get You Out Of Dodge

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Solar Powered Bike That Could Get You Out Of Dodge

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This solar powered bike could get your ass out of dodge and without the sound of a gas engine. This quiet beast could be your saving grace.

I have been toying with the idea of a second vehicle for my prepping for years. I just didn’t see why I would need a bike except for the obvious reasons that you can swerve in and out of traffic and go off road easier than a car. I had a feeling I needed to look at bikes and I came across this “beast”.

As it is solar powered it is silent and surprisingly speedy and fitted with 8-inch thick tires and solar power battery pack, is equipped to power sun-fueled expeditions over the roughest of terrain. Check out all the photos and info below 🙂

Solar Powered Bike That Could Get You Out Of Dodge

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