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Stove Necklace Idea for Ultralight Backpacking

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Wearable tech is a trend that is exploding. We are just watching its most crude and early phases in things like the Fit Bit. These forms of tech are driven by modern, city living and high tech communications. However, what about wearable survival gear… like a stove necklace?

We have all seen the survival bracelets that are made of weaved paracord and offer up options for those who are looking to carry some preparedness along with them.

You might think of something like the tactical pen, which becomes a part of your EDC. This pen and weapon become an important part of how you live your life. 

Wearable Survival Art 

StuartsofBend on Etsy has created a working alcohol stove necklace. This brass based pendant will produce a legitimate flame. It is tethered to a leather cord that goes over your head.

See the results in the video below. 

You are not going to boil a large pot of water with this stove necklace but you can boil small quantities and in a true survival situation, that is going to make a huge difference! 

Perfect for Ultralight Backpacking

There is a radical movement towards ultralight backpacking and it extends way beyond small tents that are held up by air and inflation. Some backpackers get so outrageous with their lightweight packs that they will even remove the handles from their toothbrushes!

This radical desire to shave ounces would make this piece an ideal complement to the minimalist survivalist or the ultralight backpacker. Suddenly your cooking and water sanitizing go from items in the backpack to something you can hang on your neck and a small fuel bottle you can carry in your pocket. 

Thoughtful items like this are the future of survival gear. Could we one day step into the woods with nothing on our backs?