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Survival Vitamin Supplementation

Survival Vitamin Supplementation

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Vitamin supplementation has long been controversial but it’s very hard to deny the effects of those vitamins on your body. Vitamins shine when you need that little bit of extra. When dealing with things like missed meals or serious stresses on the body, vitamins can deliver that extra punch and get your body back in balance.

Vitamin supplementation has long been controversial but its very hard to deny the affects of those vitamins on your body.Let’s look at three vitamins that every survivalist and prepper should consider having around. These are going to focus on keeping you happy and healthy in the worst conditions.

Vitamin C

Easily the most powerful vitamin in terms of powering the immune system and boosting the body’s regenerative abilities. This is a powerful daily supplement that can really help your body ward off bad things like viruses.

While these are an inconvenience today, they might be a death sentence in a collapse. So, look at buying crystallized Vitamin C as it is a superior product,

Vitamin D

Whether you are bugging in or heading into the deep depths of a bunker, you are going to be dealing with Vitamin D deficiency. We do not produce our own Vitamin D in the body and most of it comes from the sun. If we are hiding during the daytime or living underground, it’s going to be hard to get your RDA.

Vitamin D is a massive mood regulator. In other words, without it, your depression about the situation you are in will only get worse. If you are facing a drastic societal collapse that can have serious effects on the brain.


Zinc is another immune booster and one that you should be taking to assure that you are going to stay healthy in the worst of conditions.

There are many more vitamins you can use to supplement and having access to a multivitamin is also a necessary part of your survival stockpile.

Vitamin supplementation has long been controversial but its very hard to deny the affects of those vitamins on your body.

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