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How to Survive Field Injuries

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From minor wounds to setting broken bones, you need to have a good guide on how to survive field injuries. There are many injuries that are quite common and a little trip to the doctor can normally sort these out! But what if there were no doctors? What if you were stranded or SHTF?

How to Survive Field Injuries

There are tons of ways that you can affect your health today for the circumstances of tomorrow. While understanding how to react to field injuries is important, its also a big deal to practice preventative medicine.

If there is one area where most of us, as preppers, need to improve, it is medical treatment.  We spend a lot of time on the range and lots of time in developing our skills in the wild.

There is room in every library for a good book on natural medicine and how to heal when resources are short. This is such an incredible topic because the more you learn about it the more you realize the power you have as a healer.

Doctors are there for when the time is right but you can be just as effective with small injuries and issues in the field. It all takes learning and practice.

I would recommend bookmarking, ideally printing out, articles that have useful tips on how to survive field injuries that may come in handy one day. My advice; read the comments too, they seem to always have great advice from others that potentially have first-hand knowledge.

You can do many things to survive field injuries; great resources like these make all the difference in survival.