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Tell Your Child About the Junior Rangers

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There is a certain feeling that comes over you when you know your kids have been inside too long. When you know the children have been drooling in front of the screen for too long, your instincts kick in. It’s getting harder and harder to convince kids that the outside world is actually much more exciting than the digital one.There is a certain feeling that comes over you when you know your kids have been inside too long.

That is quite a shame but its true. Kids need the motivation to get out. Another quiet epidemic is the fact that neighborhoods don’t have as many kids as they used to. Also, these kids are not as willing to join in for some fun outside. It’s a struggle.

However, for children ages 5-13 the National Parks System might have an answer to get them back into the real world!

Tell your kids about the junior rangers. I guess before you can do that you have to know what the junior rangers are yourself.

National Parks Junior Rangers

This initiative was started to raise awareness and get children into the national parks system. A junior ranger can print off a workbook that will have a number of different worksheets within it. There is a massive directory at the website that features workbooks for nearly all the national parks in our country.

Upon completion of their workbook junior rangers will also take a moment to share their answers from their workbook with a park ranger and they will get a signed certificate.

Its very boy scout style but its still a reason to get the kids out into the wild with a set of goals to accomplish. There is 100% that these kids will learn something new about their environment if they participate. Its completely free and there are even options that don’t require a trip to a National Park.

Take advantage of this opportunity in 2019. They have even released a fishing workbook this year! Get the poles out!

There is a certain feeling that comes over you when you know your kids have been inside too long.


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Having a backyard supermarket will allow you to grow pork and beef, chicken, organic eggs, non-GMO fresh fruits and veggies, including all the essential components you need to make your food staples, desserts, and even drinks.

If you are willing to put in a little elbow grease, this isn't too good to be true. The good news is that some of this can be automated.

Our great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers did this every single day. It's called "homesteading", and it can help you save money on food, furniture, tools, clothes, and much more!

This is as self-sufficient as it gets. Watch this eye-opening video to learn more:

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