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Most Tender Meat Hang Times

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Here are a lot of great arguments and even some interesting studies about life without meat.

Whether we are talking about vegetarianism or veganism it would seem that meat is not as necessary to human life as we once thought.

Still, it’s so tasty. Whether we are talking about meat from birds, cows, pigs or deer it’s all great. If you are killing your own meat you know there are some steps you must take to get the most out of that meat.

If you are new to managing game meat you will find these hanging times very helpful. Are you hunting and not hanging your meat? What types of issues are you running into? 

Day 1 

Don’t butcher your deer today if you don’t have too. You are battling rigor mortis and that takes 12-24 hours to come and go. If you freeze meat that is in this state it will be worthless for anything but ground venison.

Day 2-4

Now is a good time to break your deer down. You might need to do some manipulating of the deer to get to this point. If you have to wait this long and the temperatures aren’t cooperating, well, you may have to ice the inside of the carcass or even hang it in a fridge. 

Day 5-8 (ideal conditions)

This is the sweet spot that most hunters are after. At this point, things are going about as well as they can. This is the most ideal time foraging and tenderizing meat. 

Day 14 

Beyond day 14, assuming temps have been on your side, mid-30s, you are basically doing yourself no favors. It’s now or never. From here you are either air-drying meat but most likely just growing mold on good food you worked hard to get home.