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The Importance of Understanding Light in Survival

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The relationship between light sources and survival is a very interesting one. Its far from simple. On a daily basis and in most disaster situations, having a flashlight is a great way to see what threatens you in the dark. However, what if you are in a situation where you are being hunted.

To be frank, the flashlight is an essential piece of the EDC loadout.

Now, being hunted doesn’t have to come as some form of radical world ending, desperate for survival situation. Being hunted happens every day in America. Being hunted can happen by just wondering off a resort in a foreign vacation. These things happen all the time.

In a situation like that using a flashlight will only put a target on your back in the darkness. Do you realize how far even a moderately powered flashlight can be seen in the dark? We all want the light with the maximum lumens. We want to be able to turn the night into day with our lights. Well, just remember that even on the moonlight setting, you can be seen.

Powerful light is certainly a benefit but you have to understand the situation you are in. If you are searching or avoiding dangerous terrain, perhaps there is no better tool than a flashlight in the darkness. One thing is for sure, you will use a light way more for those reasons and this is not an argument against such lights.

However, you have to understand that when you are avoiding contact or hiding, light is your worst enemy. This means light from a flashlight or light from a fire. It can be a death sentence in the wrong situation.

In these instances you need to depend on your eyes to adjust to the darkness and move slowly. Its a highly inefficient method for getting around but it will keep you alive if someone is after you.