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The Right Gear to Bear-Proof Your Camp

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Those big nasty bears are real life monsters. They are something to behold in the wild and when you cross paths with them you better have a plan and some training.

One wrong move with the wrong bear can mean a long and painful end. I know that sounds scary but for about 3 people a year its reality. Now, bears do not pose any real threat in comparison to things we use everyday like cars but when you step into their world, you better have some respect.

To understand this, you need to be able to set up camp properly. Bear proofing your camp is not as hard as it sounds. In fact, many just opt for hanging food and keeping it away from their sleeping areas. That’s the best method. Still, you can add other levels of deterrents, as well. Are you prepared to take that on?

The Right Gear to Bear-Proof Your Camp