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The Short Axe in Survival

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There is something magic about carrying an axe. When you see a quality axe for sale or hanging in your shed, it plucks an ancient nerve. It plucks a nerve that understands just how important that tool is.

The axe can be the difference between firewood and freezing. It can be a great tool for self-defense and was used to protect families and villages for a long time.

In modern survival, the short axe is an incredible tool. Not a hatchet but a short axe that runs from roughly your elbow to the tips of your fingers. This short axe gives you the ability to do all sorts of things at base camp and still have a tool that carries well.


The short axe is going to make firewood processing a breeze. While it is possible to use a survival knife and a baton to split wood, it will take you much longer and be much more frustrating a situation. The best survival knife will never outclass a short-handled axe.

Felling Trees

When you are on the search for standing deadwood having a short axe will make bringing that tree down very easy. What I would say is to have a folding saw, as well.

Dividing that fallen tree up is the duty of a folding saw but nothing will split the wood like a quality short-handled axe.  That means you stay warm all night!

Above all, be sure that you keep your axe sharpened. The difference between a sharp axe and a dull axe can be mind-bending. This will show true when it comes to processing wood.

It’s just such an incredible tool for cutting wood and when its sharp this task becomes nearly effortless. Not having to expend extra calories to stay warm is such an important part of survival.