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The Top Three Skills for Beginning Preppers

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It’s strange because there never seems to be a true beginners guide that fits your situation.

That is because you are left to your own devices. You are also a very unique situation. Your family and your needs vary, wildly from the next person.

There is a lot of a prepper to digest in their first days. Its not an easy thing to tackle.There is also a big business in selling you things while you are scared. That can go a long way. So, to combat that you might want to consider something like skills.

Inventory Management

No matter what manner of prepping you take on, you are going to be spending more money on more things.

That’s a given. You need to manage those things and basic inventory skills can help. Check out as they offer a free cloud-based prepping inventory too.

How to Shoot

Don’t just buy the gun but put in the work to learn to shoot the gun! This can make all the difference if you are serious about it.

Be sure that you can protect yourself and your family with that weapon or else what’s the point of having it?

Sourcing Good Information

A massive subject is the sourcing of good quality information. You need to have access to real people talking about real things in the prepping world.

Stay away from conspiracy and doom and gloom followed by a sales pitch. The Prepper Broadcasting Network is a great resource!

These three stepping stones offer you skills and a base build on. From here you begin your own journey.

There is a lot of a prepper to digest in their first days. Its not an easy thing to tackle.