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Three Bushcraft Tools you Aren’t Carrying

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The world of bushcraft is different from survival, and some of the tools are not as common as those in survival circles.

With only so much room in our bags, its hard to decide what to give up or what to change.

We are going to look at three tools that you probably aren’t carrying that can change the way you look at bushcraft and also make you more effective in the woods.

These tools are all cheap and simple additions to your pack that won’t add much weight.

The Gig

The gig is simple, cheap, light, and cool to carry, and its easily the most underrated food tool of all for getting food. When we think about food, we think of arrows, bullets, and the like.

A small gift costs about 4 bucks and will get you fish and frogs, and it can be integrated into a trap building. This is a great tool that should be packed on all of your trips.

The Awl

The ability to punch holes in materials goes a long way in the bushcraft world. You will find it much easier and more effective to practice if you have an AWL.

Now, an awl is not going to do the woodwork that an auger will, but it is still an effective tool for punching materials like leather cloth and thin cuts of wood.

The Hook Knife

You know there are some unique differences between bushcraft and wilderness survival.

The idea of survival is that you are short on time and you are working towards an end that involves either rescue or finding your way to safety.

The hook knife really shines in a bushcraft scenario where someone is enjoying the woods.

Sure, it can be used for survival, but its such a great whittling and carving tool for sitting by the fire and relaxing. Its really hard to beat.

The world of bushcraft is different than survival and some of the tools are not as common as those in the survival circles.