Three Types of Booze All Prepper’s Should Stockpile

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Do you stockpile alcohol in case of an SHTF/TEOTWAWKI situation? If you do, which kinds of booze are you stockpiling?

Which Booze is Best for a Prepper Stockpile?

It’s safe to say that not every kind of alcohol is ideal for a long-term stockpile. While this is true, it’s also very true that many alcohols are in fact ideal to store.

If you’re used to stockpiling only one or two types, you may want to expand your stock, as everyone has different tastes when it comes to alcohol, and so as a trade item, you might get better offers for alcohols that are less frequently available.

We’ve found that the most popular alcohol stockpiled is often whiskey, followed by vodka. But there are many other alcohols that will last indefinite amounts of time! Take a look at the article below for a guide to expiry dates and uses.

Alcohol can be used for many reasons in SHTF situations – from having first-aid uses to having excellent potential as a trade item. o go!Just try not to drink up the stockpile without replenishing it before you need it, ok? 

Let’s look at the top three you should be storing! 

Clear Liquor

Vodka is the most effective and affordable liquor to stockpile. It is easy to find and is great to barter just for alcohol content and desirability. However, it is also one of the most effective types of alcohol to make tinctures with. 

Brown Liquor

Keep some brown liquor on hand for dealing with the stresses of SHTF! Booze can take the edge off when you need it to! 

Brown liquor is also going to barter for much more. This is important! A good whiskey can go a long way! 

Your Liquor

Finally, you might look to making your own liquor. It’s not as hard as it sounds and once you can make liquor you can have a sustainable source to barter and use for yourself!

Which Booze is Best for a Prepper Stockpile?

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