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Top 10 Barter Items Every Prepper Should Have

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Along with those items that you store for your own personal use there should always be a little bit stowed away for the purposes of bartering.  The barter is an exchange of goods for good rather than goods for money. 

You know the average American doesn’t have much cash stored in their home. Once that cash runs out, if the ATMs are down you could be left with limited options for getting resources. After a serious disaster, stores will be damaged or closed. 

If you don’t have the means to exchange an item for items you might have to resort to a circumstance that is much worse. 

Having the ability to provide something beneficial to those around you will also put you in a position of power. That is where you want to be in a post-disaster scenario. We have seen time and time again that desperate people are the first to be taken advantage of.

Do not become desperate, build your barter stock. Here are the top 10 items that every prepper should have on hand in order to find success at the barter.

  1. Food
  2. Water Filtration
  3. Medicines
  4. Kids Medicines
  5. Seeds
  6. Ammunition
  7. Alcohol
  8. Nicotine
  9. Birth Control
  10. Tools

Just think about the types of things that all people need. You know, at our base, much of that will not change.

One of the biggest issues that people face in SHTF is security. The others are things like food and water. If you have answers to people’s needs you can get the things you need from them. 

That might be strong backs or other forms of resources. That is going to make all the difference for you. Be sure you have the right barter items. Store simple things like TP also. You see, that is going to make a big difference in your supply chain.