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The Ultimate Guide to Using a Compass

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At first glance, using a compass doesn’t seem that hard- just hold it flat and it will point you to the North. But little do most people know, that’s only half the battle.

To successfully navigate using a compass, you not only need to know how to use the compass itself, but you also need to use it in conjunction with your map. Now it’s not so easy, right? Let’s take a common example that you’re likely to encounter in the wild: you setup camp somewhere off of a well-known trail.

You wake up the next morning and you’re completely surrounded by fog. Without knowing how to use a map and compass, you’d have little luck finding your way back to the main trail (if anything you’d get more lost). I think that this demonstrates the importance of being able to use a compass like a pro.

Additionally, it’s important that everyone learn the different types of compasses that are out there. You can start with the two main types- digital and floating-needle models- and then find subcategories for each one.

It’s important that you learn about each individual type so that you can buy a model that better suits what you’re going to be doing in the wild. Finally, when all else fails, you need to know how to navigate without a compass or map (which isn’t as complicated as you think). For more information on how to use a compass like a professional, click on the article below.

The Ultimate Guide to Using a Compass