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Use SoapStone Warmers For Emergency Heat

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Use SoapStone Warmers For Emergency Heat

Use SoapStone Warmers For Emergency Heat Follow Me on Pinterest

Image Credit: engineer775 Practical Preppers via Youtube

I haven’t heard of soapstone before I read the article I am sharing with you today. Apparently soapstones were used as bed warmers in the 1800’s. I guess you could call them the old school waterless heating bottles. Kinda..

Soapstone is very dense and this means its thermal conductivity is so high that these stay warm for hours and hours. You can heat the stones in your oven at 350 for 30 mins or so, also on a camp fire! These are a must have if you want to stay warm with no electricity.

Once heated these are best kept in a bag or wrapped up in a blanket so you don’t burn yourself! You will be toasty warm for hours and hours.

Use SoapStone Warmers For Emergency Heat

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