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Why We Should Be Using Water Bricks For Storage

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I talked about these about a year ago and the pricing was so ridiculous, now their price has dropped considerably I think they are now a viable much-needed product in our industry.


  • Portable: at 3.5 gallons / 13 liters, small enough to carry, fit in a refrigerator, and under beds
  • Stackable: cross-stack and interlock up to 4 feet; insert a standard ¾ inch PVC for added height
  • Durable: industrial food grade container; Ultra Violet additive will extend the life up to 15 years
  • Safe Dry Storage: BPA free and FDA approved; store water, food, ammo, or anything you want dry
  • Multifunctional: Use as a bulk storage system, block of ice, sandbag, hunting blinds, and many more

For some, $20+ bucks for 3.5 gallons of storage will be still too steep. But listen to this. They can be stacked and hidden anywhere. If you get robbed or looted you won’t have all your eggs in one basket.

The bricks have accessories too like water spigots so it’s easy to get the water out.

The great thing about these water bricks is that they can store dry goods too. They have an ultraviolet protector on them that lasts for 15 years. As a result, you can even let them sit in the sunlight.

I have personally invested in water bricks. I think they are very worthwhile. You can currently buy water bricks on Amazon.