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What a Police Scanner Can Tell You About Disaster

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Disaster communications are going are a critical part of any preparedness plan. Just picture it:

The lights go out and the phone services are disrupted. There have been riots for days and you don’t know where the next explosion of violence will show up.

What can you turn to? Hopefully, you have an emergency radio that is capable of generating power in many ways i.e. hand crank, solar, etc.

What other items could you add to your disaster comms package? Well, a HAM radio setup wouldn’t hurt.

What about a police scanner? Did you know that you can listen in to the police and emergency services frequency to hear what’s going on?

It’s more expensive then it used to be but its still very effective.

Where is the Danger

One of the best parts about having a police scanner is that you can quickly tell which part of town the trouble is in.

You will quickly begin to see what is going on and you can paint a picture of the situation. This will help you dictate your next move.

If the violence or damage is far away you can stay home and bunker down.

However, if things are getting close you might need to get out of dodge. You will likely be able to find out which roads are passable, as well.

When It Goes Dark

There is a lot of talk about WROL without the rule of law in the prepping community.

When does something like that happen? It will not come as a scrolling message at the bottom of the screen. Instead, it will just happen.

The police will be overwhelmed. With a police scanner, you might be able to hear the moment when this happens. That will be a critical point in a disaster.

There is no room for peace in a world without the rule of law.