What Does Living “Off Grid” Really Mean?

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What Does Living “Off Grid” Really Mean?

What Does Living Off Grid Really Mean

Trying to define what ‘off grid’ means can be as difficult as trying to define what love really is. If you ask 10 people, “How Do You Define Off Grid?” chances are pretty good you will get 10 different answers.

Most people imagine some extremely remote location with a small home, gardens, a wood stove, and living a very hard, pioneering way of life. They may also think of the people who choose to live off grid as being the kind that don’t like other people, are hermits, or just weird.

The truth couldn’t be more varied if it tried. The fact is, trying to define the real meaning of off grid usually breaks down to some form of self reliance. The form that self reliance takes is again as varied as it possibly could be. One location may be on the outskirts of a rural town with no running water but they do have solar power for lights. Another location could be remote as imagined and yet have all the comforts and modern conveniences of any one of the suburban homes found just about anywhere.

What Does Living “Off Grid” Really Mean?

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