What if Your Neighbors Ask Questions?

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Maybe a question as old as prepping, what if neighbors as questions? You could file this one under OPSEC or you can look at it from another angle.

Maybe a question as old as prepping, what if neighbors as questions?

When you get into prepping, its going to have an effect on you. At first it will feel like a list of tasks that you can simply check off and move on with your life.

Before long, however, you are going to be changing the way you live. These things just happen with time. You are going to emphasize new things. You are going to enjoy new things. Your backyard may start to look entirely different than it once did. That is powerful and prepping can be powerful.

Depending on what you are bringing into the home or what you are storing in your yard, your neighbors might see things. They might be curious about the new flock of chickens or the fruit and nut trees going up.

Do you have to have an  answer for them? What you say will define your relationship with them.  You see, you only have two paths when neighbors start to ask questions.

The Truth

Now, the truth is not a risk free prospect. While it is by far the most liberating, it is in no way something you can give without consequence. If your neighbors know you are prepping and storing massive amounts of food and water, it could come back to bite you.

However, you will get to live a truly free life where you do not need to hide behind anything. That is very liberating. It also sets you firmly in reality.


The other route is that of operational security. There are many benefits that go into lying about your preparedness. Nosy neighbors can get any story you feel like creating. The idea behind this motive is that you keep everyone in the dark about your resources. This can go a long way.

If they don’t know what you have, they wont come asking for it in a disaster.

Maybe a question as old as prepping, what if neighbors as questions?

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