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What Seeds to Store for Survival

What Seeds to Store for Survival

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It’s an interesting thing to consider. Why not answer: All the seeds! You wouldn’t necessarily be wrong. In fact, we have the ability to really be effective in the barter, if we have a slew of seeds.

Its an interesting thing to consider. Why not answer: All the seeds!

You have to be careful about how old those seeds get and what condition they are being stored in. However, seeds are good.

All that said, if we are talking about the seeds you store for personal food production, well, that can go a long way. What do you look for in the perfect survival plants? There are high-quality seeds out there that produce lots of food for most of the year.

There are other qualities you are looking for, too. Don’t forget that selecting certain seeds is also very personal and unique to your land. These considerations will be based upon a simple backyard space and not acres of land.

Let’s look at some criteria for great seeds to store for your survival garden.

Space Consideration

We don’t want plants that take up massive amounts of space so we need to be careful about plants that spread out all over and take up your entire growing area. No matter how much land you have space is almost always an issue.


How much food comes from one plant. Are you keeping lots of seeds that produce one thing like cabbage, carrots, or broccoli? It’s not to say these are not to be saved but you might want to focus on things like squash and beans that can grow upward and produce like mad!

Soil Depletion

Another important consideration is the effect that certain plants have on the soil. Things like nightshades i.e tomatoes and peppers can wreak havoc on the nutrients in your soil. They take a lot to grow a lot. If you have a plant to reintegrate that nutrition, well that’s good too. Just be aware of it.

Its an interesting thing to consider. Why not answer: All the seeds!

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