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How To And Why You Need To Make A Solowheel Pack

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Concerned about the bugout bag weighing you down too much? This should be a concern.

Americans are sedentary creatures, and we spend a lot of time behind desks and on keyboards. That said, it’s important that we consider our true capabilities in a situation where we need to get out of dodge!

We have a very interesting build here called the Solowheel, and this could be just the answer you are looking for.

It might be just what you need to handle your pack, or it could provide you with the leverage you need to carry even more when the time comes.

What is a Solowheel?

The solowheel is essentially a pack-carrying system or a gear-carrying system that is designed to be pulled with a single wheel.

It is comprised of a small shelf that tapers down to a single wheel. This design uses a pretty big wheel, but I would imagine you could even put something like a wheelbarrow wheel on the solowheel.

This system can hold a pack and two other items, or maybe smaller packs.

Creating the Solowheel

To do this properly, you are going to need a mold for the frame and have some experience with veneer.

If you are in the dark about those things, simply check out the build on its original page. There is no doubt that the solowheel can lighten your load.

With a small shop, you could create your own custom solowheel and outfit it just the way you like. If nothing else, it would be a great solution for children who get tired of carrying their bags on a hike or bugout.

We all have physical limits and stress around the topic of bugging out. It’s a big deal, so we need to take every advantage.

How To And Why You Need To Make A Solowheel Pack - These solowheel packs are awesome if you have more than a bug out bag, if you have a really heavy bag or someone who isn't strong.