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Why is the Earth So Shaky?

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The world has been shaking.

For those who were paying attention in the latter part of 2017 scientists were expecting an uptick in seismic activity due to a small decline in the earths rotation.

It is not something that any of us should notice but it is having an effect on the shaking of the earth.

No one was really sure whether or not to take this warning seriously but here we sit with earthquakes happening in new places and larger magnitude than we have seen in the past. Its a powerful thing to consider and its creating a terrible situation for those who live in these affected areas.

Now, despite the damage of a normal earthquake we are also facing things around the world that are products of the shaking earth.


While we haven’t seen a lot of volcanic activity in the continental US, we have seen things that are making the people at Yellowstone a little nervous. We have also seen volcanic eruptions around the world. Hawaii also faced off against some serious volcanic eruptions this year.


When an earthquake doesn’t shake the land we live on it can rock the bottom of the ocean and this might send a powerful wave towards the shore line. These tsunamis are a terrible disaster that floods inland for miles and create serious havoc.

The earth is changing. Its always changing. The very best we can do is to focus on preparing for these natural disasters. Over time we will come to respect our planet and its power again.

The terrifying reality about things like earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis is that we have no way of stopping them.  Even with all our technology we are helpless to the power of mother nature.  That is why being prepared for the aftermath is so important.