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Workplace Preparedness for Beginners

Workplace Preparedness for Beginners

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No matter how powerful your fortress is at home, you have to leave. We go to work, we go on vacation but most of us leave all the preps at home. I mean we cannot take it all!

No matter how powerful your fortress is at home, you have to leave.

We spend most of our waking hours working. So its important to consider workplace preparedness as a means to keep yourself and your co workers safe, as well as get home to your family in an emergency. They will be waiting for you.


The items that you carry everyday make up your EDC and beyond convenience these items should also serve a purpose in your workplace preparedness plan. Many refer to the EDC as tier 1 and the items that you carry should be enough to get you to tier 2 or your Get Home Bag in an emergency.

A basic EDC might look something like this:

  • Phone
  • Keys
  • Wallet
  • Knife
  • Flashlight
  • CCW (when not at work)

Get Home Bag

Tier 2 or your get home bag is the bag of items you might need to get home. Roads can become impassable and cars can easily be made inoperable but your fmaily will still need you to get home in and emergency. The get home bag should be filled with everything you might need to make on your 5 mile or 50 mile journey home from work.

Workplace Responsibility

Many people don’t realize it but your job has a responsibility to prepare you and your coworkers for all types of disasters. They don’t need to hand things out but drills and trainings on emergency response are a very important part of what OSHA expects of your employer. This training can go a long way.

Work place preparedness is as much about you as it is your employer. Its important to have an open dialogue with HR about your concerns and

No matter how powerful your fortress is at home, you have to leave.

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