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1 Minute Wine Recipe

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Ever wanted to try your hand at making wine? Most people who look into it get overwhelmed with all the different equipment needed. If that doesn’t turn them away, the complicated steps involved according to numerous winemaking guides can leave the average person feeling like they need a degree just to make something that has been around for literally thousands of years!

It is possible to get the wine process started using minimal equipment and supplies in about a minute! In fact, the ‘equipment’ you need to buy will cost most people around $5!

This step by step article details the process with pictures and easy to understand instructions. Included are ways to make small batches and reusing the plastic jug of the juice you decided to buy for the flavor you want.

Videos help to further detail how to use the airlock during the fermenting phase of your home wine brewing adventures.

You will learn how to figure the alcohol content and how to adjust it, along with a lively comment section that goes into the laws pertaining to home brewing.

This article has really taken the mystery out of making your own wine and covers it all!

1 Minute Wine Recipe