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11 Ordinary Things You Can Turn Into Candles

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11 Ordinary Things You Can Turn Into Candles

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Hopefully you have plenty of lighting options in case the power goes out. But what if you’re away from home when it happens? Or what if your supplies are destroyed or you’re unable to

get to them? Sitting in the darkness can be very unsettling, especially on a cloudy night.

This is another example of how skills are better than supplies. If you know how, you can walk into any kitchen and make a candle out of ordinary household items. The following article contains not only a list of things you can turn into candles, but also video instructions for each one.

11 Ordinary Things You Can Turn Into Candles

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Alan is an Internet marketer, a stay-at-home dad, and a prepper. He has been blogging about survivalism for 4 years. Like many preppers, circumstances have forced him to live in the city until he can afford to relocate. This is why his central focus has been on urban survival. He hopes to share what he has learned with people in similar situations.

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