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3 Edible Plants in Your Backyard for Health and Nutrition

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3 Edible Plants in Your Backyard for Health and Nutrition

3 Edible Plants in Your Backyard for Health and Nutrition - life tips Follow Me on Pinterest

Who decided which plants were good garden plants and which ones were weeds? It’s interesting to contemplate isn’t it? Especially when you consider that many of the plants we pull and toss are actually edible plants with as much or more nutritional value than those we plant in our garden and certainly more than many that we buy at the store.

I guess it’s that weeds are tidy. Just by virtue of the term “weeds”, it implies untidy and unkempt. There’s no question that a manicured lawn looks great and has its appeal, and who doesn’t love to walk barefoot on a cool green grass. But you can’t eat your lawn and besides our dogs, it’s not good for medicine either.

Most of us grow up thinking that the food to eat is what we’re familiar with from the produce bins at the store, (if we’re lucky enough to have been raised and conditioned to eat fresh produce over packaged foods. There are three main reason we have been trained by society to consider so few foods as our staples:

Commercial Food Programs are Limited by

  1. Foods that are easiest to mass produce
  2. Foods that travel best and last the longest
  3. Our conditioning to seek pills over plants for ills, and packages over picking—and growing—fresh foods

If you’ve ever shopped at Whole Foods, your familiarity with different foods is already expanded, but for many, the higher prices are a luxury. The ultimate best place to shop is from the weeds that can grow in our own backyards and gardens… for free!! So…

Don’t pull those weeds… harvest them!

Instead clip them to harvest, but leave them to keep growing, and likely you’ll be able to enjoy food, nutrients and even medicine from them most of the summer.

Which are some of the most common edible backyard weeds? Here’s our top 3 picks.

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