7 Items Preppers Neglect to Stockpile

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Stockpiling is an important part of any preppers plans. Having extra food items and other resources on hand offers up answers in times of disaster. How we store those items is of the utmost importance.

Stockpiling is an important part of any preppers plans.

A preppers stockpile is only as good as the person who develops it. Even the best storage plan can miss on some things. Here are 6 items we often forget to stockpile.


The desire to use those guns often clouds the preppers vision and they think hunting is step one. Storing traps and knowing how to use them is the best way to procure food. You can even store live traps and breed food! It don’t get better than that.

Sewing Kit

Clothing and other materials will need repairing. If you don’t have the sewing needles and threat to make those repairs that can be a problem. This is hard to understand in a time where everything is cheap and easy. It wont always be this way.

Gun Cleaning

The armory seems to be a big goal for many preppers. They want all kinds of guns. Well, what about the grease, cleaner and tools to clean all those weapons? This is something most preppers forget to store.

Spare Parts

Whether we are talking about parts for cars, lawn mowers or the home itself, we all need to focus on having spare parts stored up. These spare parts are critical because we wont have access to them following a disaster.


While the bugout is always high on the list of prepper plans, what about maps? Have you ever considered bugging out from the bugout location? It can happen. Maps will be essential to survival, just as they are in the wilderness, so to will they be in the modern world.

Cooking Oil

This has to be one of the most overlooked prepping items. We store lots of food but we hardly consider the cooking oil need to prepare it. Cooking oil can act as many other things as well, especially if you stock up on things like olive oil and coconut oil.

Stockpiling is an important part of any preppers plans.

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