9 DIY Fire Pit Tutorials

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9 DIY Fire Pit Tutorials

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I think I am right in saying every red bloodied male or female to that matter would love a fire pit in their garden. There is something primeval about fire that relaxes us humans and sit and stare into the flames for hours.

The hotter days of summer are a ways away yet, so we have all of Winter and Spring to enjoy our backyards and fire pits. That means it’s perfect time to build / buy a fire pit and enjoy your garden again.

Fire pits are just the perfect size for a small gathering of family and friends to just sit around and enjoy the flames, stories and s’mores. I have a flimsy store brought fire pit which needs to be recycled, so I went on the hunt for a great fire pit tutorial and I found it.

My favorite which I would like to do in the future is ” DIY Fire Pit & Patio Project”. I hate my grass, so I will incorporate the fire pit into the patio 🙂

9 DIY Fire Pit Tutorials

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